Our Address

6465 Dobbin Center Way Unit C

Columbia, MD 21045

Dobbin Auto Repair Inc., a family owned and operated enterprise, was established in 1999 by me, Richard Amani and my wife Lorraine.

How It All Began: Developing the Principles That Became Our Foundation

Before starting Dobbin Auto Repair, I was employed for 14 years at other repair shops and I had the opportunity to observe their method of operations and recognize the areas that needed improvement. One of the areas that stood out for me was “customer service”. It was always important to me to make sure my customers were completely satisfied. However, during my years that I worked at other shops, I observed on numerous occasions the lack of honesty that was used by by those shops in order to meet their bottom line. Today, those same repair shops are now my competitors

I made a commitment to myself that I would not be a part of any organization that encourages such practices and will not condone it in mine. Through those experiences, I believe I was able to build a business based on my principles of integrity, customer satisfaction, and complete humility. My customer base is the engine of my business. Keeping you satisfied is my goal.

Background and Qualifications

I have always had a passion and curiosity about the mechanical and electrical components in the art of Automotive Engerneering. The challenges that were presented always motivated me. I grabbed every opportunity I could to acquire the knowledge I have gained. After 24 years in the Automotive Industry and acquiring my certifications, I became qualified as:

an A.S.E. Certified Master Technician,

a Maryland Certified Emission Master Technician,

a Maryland Certified Vehicle Safety Inspector, and

a Qualified Master Technician in Repairing Both Foreign and Domestic Vehicles

My passion has been and continues to be my profession, and it has afforded me the opportunity to expect higher standards from both my employees as well as myself. Conducting my business honestly and professionally has always been my goal and it is right in the sight of God. We are blessed to have an honest reliable crew who take pride in their work and strive towards advancement. They receive on-going training and stay current with ever changing technologies.

Growth and Expansion

Dobbin Auto Repair, Inc. has come a long way since it was established in 1999. The repair shop started off as a two bay garage in Dobbin Auto Park in Columbia, Maryland, where it is still located today. Although it was a one man shop with only a few clients, Richard pursued his mission to provide every client with an honest opinion and excellent customer service.

Within a year, the shop was so busy that some clients had to be turned away. In order to accommodate the overflow of clientele, Dobbin Auto expanded to a 5 bay garage across the street. Two years later the shop expanded to 7 bays allowing the shop the capability to service 16 cars at one time. Business has continued to grow and Dobbin Auto Repair is now a 13 lift repair shop. Today, Dobbin Auto consists of a dedicated staff of 9, along with Richard and his wife Lorraine.

I do hope that you will give us the opportunity to put our knowledge and experience to work for you as we stand by our motto, “Honesty is our best policy”.

I look forward to working with you.


Richard and Lorraine Amani