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Brake Repair & Service

Columbia MD Brake Repair Service

Brakes wear out over time requiring service. How long your brakes last is based on various things such as driving conditions, how you brake and other factors. For this reason, it is necessary to service your brakes regularly. We are familiar with the driving conditions here in Mount Vernon and know that your brakes need care. So we provide a complimentary inspection with every service to make sure that any problem is taken up before it becomes a major concern.

We offer the following brake services:

  • Brake inspection
  • Brake rotor replacement
  • Front disc brake repair
  • Back disc brake repair
  • Parking brake adjustment
  • Rear drum brake repair
  • Replace brake pads and shoes
  • Inspect master cylinder for leaks
  • Inspect brake fluid
  • Inspect brake lines
  • Lubricate brake system components

Brakes are the primary safety feature on every vehicle.

You want to make sure you change them when needed immediately

At Dobbin Auto Repair

Dobbin Auto Repair is highly-respected Brake Repair Service Shop in Columbia, MD. We take your brake repairs very serious as it’s one the most important safety features on your vehicle.