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Steering System Repairs and Replacements in Howard County, MD

Steering System Repairs and Replacements in Howard County, MD

Car Steering System Repairs and Replacements in Howard County, MD. Learn more about Dobbin Auto Repair, a certified auto repair shop serving Maryland!

Are you in need of some steering system repairs and replacements for your car? If you are a Maryland resident, either old or new, you must ensure that your vehicle undergoes the correct steering system repairs and replacements from a licensed Maryland State Inspection company. If you need some steering system repairs and replacements completed in Howard County, MD, come by Dobbin Auto Repair! We take plenty of pride in our steering system repairs and replacements that we deliver to all our customers. We’re also specialized in multiple other fixes and automotive maintenance services. The sooner you come in for suggested repairs and services, the better it’ll be for our professional team! Dobbin Auto Repair offers complete radiator repairs and services, all according to your vehicle’s manufacturer in Howard County, MD, to help out when you need it!

Our Team of Savvy and Seasoned Mechanics in Howard County, MD

Dobbin Auto Repair’s team is like an extended family, and all our customers see our hard work, reliability, and determination. We welcome you to come in and witness a high level of steering system repairs and replacements with some reasonable rates. Dobbin Auto Repair is 100% committed to providing our customers with an honest and fair estimate and timely and outstanding preventative repairs. At Dobbin Auto Repair, we have a team of qualified and seasoned ASE Certified mechanics and ASE Master Certified Technicians and Inspectors. We proudly stand by our team.

Your vehicle is in the right hands with us. Not only will we complete your maintenance & repair jobs quickly, but we’ll also make sure that everything is working correctly moving forward. As mentioned earlier, we provide all our customers with a certified Maryland State inspection! 

How Your Steering System Becomes Damaged in the First Place

If you have ever tried to drive your vehicle on Howard County roads without power steering, you know how important this system is for driving. Power steering makes driving your vehicle safer, easier, and more comfortable for everyone in your vehicle. It gives you the prized ability to swerve to avoid unexpected intruders or obstacles on the road like animals, other cars, or people who aren’t paying attention. Your steering system plays a huge role in your vehicle’s agility and safety, which means it has to be dependable. However, it is not unbreakable or immune to damage. Various things could go wrong with the power steering, and when they do, you could be stuck trying to figure out just how to keep your vehicle under control without the help of this system. If you notice any of the following, come into Dobbin Auto Repair for steering system repairs and replacements:

  •    Improper Fluid Levels: for your steering system to work correctly, it has to have a precise amount of fluid running through it. Too much, and the valves and seals might collapse under all the pressure. Not enough, and the fluids can’t exert the force required to turn on your car. Replacing fluid on time will help stop this issue, but any leaks could cause a loss of fluid that will lead to a power steering system failure.
  •    Contaminated Fluids: power steering is a hydraulic system, which means it uses the power of force pushing on liquid in order to create motion. These kinds of systems are capable of exerting high amounts of force with little energy input, making it an easy way to control your car. This only works when hydraulic fluid is clean, though. Come into Dobbin Auto Repair so we can replace your fluids to keep your vehicle running smoothly.
  •    Broken Belts: power steering is possible through engine-powered pumps. Since your engine is connected to your power steering pump, any fraying, stretching, corrosion, or breakage could cause the immediate failure of your system. Come into Dobbin Auto Repair to have your steering belt checked to make sure there are no issues.

Professional Steering System Repairs and Replacements in Howard County, MD from Dobbin Auto Repair

Whether your vehicle needs complete auto repair services or just a simple checkup on one part of your car, you can rely on the team at Dobbin Auto Repair for an accurate diagnosis, at a fair price. Give Dobbin Auto Repair a call at (410)-884-9598 or contact us online to get more information about how our ASE Certified team can help you in Howard County, Maryland with your auto repair needs. We are a Maryland State Inspection facility that can help assist you with any vehicle and any issue. We are fully licensed, certified, experienced, and our service is unparalleled.